Frequently Asked Questions

Why franchise Max’s?
By becoming a partner of “The Most Loved Filipino Brand”
as a Max’s franchisee, you get the privilege of being an ambassador of Filipino food not only in the Philippines but worldwide.  The company’s infrastructure provides the following advantages:

  1. Complete market understanding and a comprehensive site selection process
  2. World class training to deliver Gold Standard Food and Caring Service to our customers
  3. Extensive support systems which include recruitment, operations, supply chain and marketing.
  4. Continuous efforts to strengthen market leadership in the casual dining category
  5. A network with our growing franchisees local and abroad

How do you approve a franchise application?
The factors considered in approving a franchise are as follows:

  1. Market and Location 
a. Market
Minimum of 8,000 ABC Population
Has  weekday and weekend foot traffic or potential customer base
Minimum cannibalization of existing Max’s store 
b. Location
Convenient to both customers with private vehicles and those taking public transport, and ample space for parking
2. Franchise Applicant’s Profile
Preferably with experience in food or other retail business
Financial capability
Has a good network in the trade area of the proposed store
Will dedicate time or has the infrastructure to manage the store

How long is the process of approval?

The following will be the steps in approving a franchise application


What is the area requirement?
For a mall location, the minimum area requirement is 200 square meters.  For stand-alone stores, in trade areas with potential for parties and functions, the minimum area is 250 square meters. 

How much is the capital requirement?
The total capital requirement which will include the franchise fee, development/construction cost and start up capital is approximately Php 15million.

For other queries,  you may email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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